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Mission Statement

Cable TV Careers mission statement is simple...

We want to provide as much information and educational material, in one place, to individuals who are thinking about starting a new career in Cable TV.

We also offer a Basic Cable TV 101 Course designed for both new Installers and those thinking about changing careers.

We also want to change the perception of the Cable TV Installer. Today's Installer is much different than it once was. It's not about running a wire from point A to point B. It's more than that. Customer skills are important, dress code, basic Technical skills, trouble-shooting are part of being a Cable TV Installer not to mention the overall feeling of pride to say you are a Cable TV Installer. You will find how amazing it is that the general public has no idea what is involved in providing the services offered by their local cable company. This website and our Cable TV 101 Course will prepare and teach you those basic skills and knowledge.

Join us in making a difference. Invest in yourself. We are here to assist you.

Good Luck!

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