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Meet The Founder of Cable TV Careers

The founder of Cable TV Careers is Mike Impagliazzo. Mike has been in the Cable TV Business for over 30 years. He has held numerous positions in the industry from Installer to Director of Training and Safety. The positions Mike has held are...

Installer ( New Jersey )
Service Technician ( New Jersey )
Line Technician ( New Jersey )
CLI / Maintenance Technician ( Las Vegas )
Chief Technician ( New Jersey )
Installation Supervisor ( New Jersey )
Service Supervisor ( New Jersey )
Technical Operations Manager ( New Jersey )
Project Manager ( Florida )
National Director of Training and Safety

Mike is extremely qualified and has witnessed and participated in the growth of the Cable TV Industry. He has mentored thousands of individuals over his 30 year career.

His vision is to simply provide a one-stop website for those individuals who are new to the business or thinking about changing careers.

During Mike's time as a National Director of Training and Safety, he created a company wide training program for new and existing Installers. Mike created a training curriculum that was easy to understand. One of the most important concepts Mike did was make the training material available online saving thousands of dollars in administrative costs. Additionally, Mike created a database to track and document all Classroom and Field Training and was accessible by Senior Management. Mike also implemented a "Release To Field" Program where a trainee could not begin to work on his own without meeting minimum training requirements, all documented for future reference in case this information was needed.

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