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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Mission Statement?

We want to provide as much information and educational material, in one place, to individuals who are thinking about starting a new career in Cable TV.

Why is your course free?

We have decided to offer our course free of charge and only ask that a donation be made to cover overhead costs. Once registered, we will send an email with Paypal Donation links if you choose to donate. There is no obligation.

I registered as a new student but have not received a confirmation email. What is wrong?

At times, our server will not respond to some email addresses due to its security settings. It appears to the server as spam. Although we have tried to lower the security in an effort to minimize this, we will not jeopardize site security. If you have not received a confirmation email, please send an email to...

Once we receive your email we will immediately manually confirm your registration.

Are you able to create a group for individuals in my company that I can manage on my own with a separate log in?

Yes. We can create a group and assign your students to that group and also assign a "Non-Editing" Teacher who will have full access to the students activities, progress and grades who are only in that group. Very customizable.

Can I purchase the course to teach in a Classroom Environment as opposed to individual purchases?

Yes. Please use this link to request a quote.

Can you prepare a module specific to my market's QC requirements?

Yes and this is included with bulk purchases. We will use your QC guidlines to create a test to administer to your technicians. A very important tool to improve your metrics.

I would like to have each of my new hired Installers take your course before they enter the field as one of their prerequisites. Can I purchase your course in "lots"?

Yes, absolutely. Please use this form in order to provide some basic information and we will contact you either by phone to discuss how we would handle this type of request.

I see that the course has a lot of great information. Can I have it tailored for my market?

Absolutely. Please use our Special Request Inquiry form here.

Will I receive a Certificate upon completion?

Yes, with a $35.00 donation and upon successfull completion of all modules, the student will receive a Certificate of Completion sent via Regular Mail and an Electronic Certificate via Email.

There are other online Training Courses out there. Why should I choose yours?

First, ours is completely free... We believe we provide a basic understanding of the Cable TV Industry. Although those other company's offer an excellent product, we believe ours provides enough information without information overload. Also, our course modules each have a 10 question quiz and a final quiz, all free. We do not charge an additional fee to take the final test.

Who is the instructor?

The instructor is Mike Impagliazzo, a 30 year veteran of the Cable TV Industry.

What kind of Support can I expect while taking the course?

Support is provided via email directly from the instructor.

How long will I have to complete the course?

We allow 5 days to complete the course. If more time is needed, we can accomadate. Effective 1.27.14

How much does the course cost?

There is no cost to take the course.

What is the grade I will need to pass the course?

Each module contains a 10 question quiz and you will need to receive a 70% to pass. The final quiz contains 50 questions and a 70% is also required to successfully pass the final. You will have 2 chances to complete all quizzes although you will have to wait 2 hours if you fail the first attempt on the final quiz.

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes we do. Please use this link to submit an inquiry regarding rates based upon certain factors.

How often do you back up the course server?

The course server is configured to back up every 24 hours.

Can you create and manage a Training Program for my Company?

Yes. Please use this form to inquire. From there we can discuss your needs in detail.

If you have a question not answered above or need additional information, please use this link to contact us.

Will this course prepare me to pass a Certification Test similar to S.C.T.E's BPI?

No. This course is designed to enable the student to learn the very basics of Cable TV. The course will however, enable an individual to enter the industry understanding the basics and using those basics, build upon to prepare them to pass an industry standard test.  Additional hands on and actual field experience is a must in order for anyone to pass such a Certification exam.

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