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History of Cable TV

This module will provide a basic understanding of how and when Cable TV began and its evolution to the present.

A small portion of the actual learning module...
Cable TV Careers
.......CATV stands for "Community Antenna Television". The name reflects its main usage through the 1960's and into the 1990's. The name reflects the origins from which Cable Systems were built and for communities largely remote or rural communities located far away from large cities where most major networks were located and transmitted from. In the late 1990's the term cable system was being replaced with Telecommunications Network due to it now has become a "network" of many types of products from plain old TV, Telephone ( VOIP - Voice Over IP ) to Alarm Systems. Cable TV has become a "Life Line" service. A lifeline service is a service that provides a means of communicating to the outside world in case of an emergency. This is very important to remember when working in the field as an installer. We will talk more about this in later modules.

An example of this "Community" system architecture was very obvious in my early days in Cable TV whereas I started in a small system located in Ventnor, NJ as an Installer in 1980. It was a small system consisting of 70 miles of plant ( total miles of wiring on telephone poles ). This town is located in South Jersey and at that time there were as many as 6 Cable Company's located in the area all having its' own individual Head-end and channel offerings. Although all owned by large companies, Teleprompter, Sammons Communications, Clear Cable, all are now owned and operated by Comcast.
The image below was a very common site in a community located any distance from a large city. Almost every home had a tower to receive distant TV signals similar to Ed Parsons.......

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